Table of Contents

How to setup Starbug1

Completed compile Starbug1, put them under Web Server's DocumentRoot Directory.


copy the compiled dist/starbug1 directory to under web server's DocumentRoot directory.

$ su
# cp -r dist/starbug1 /var/www/

change directory /var/www/starbug1 owner to CGI execute user.

# cd /var/www
# chown -R www-data:www-data starbug1

Web Server Settings(below for apache)

Need to edit .htaccess file, so make AllowOverride 'All' on apache setting file. Edit /var/www/starbug1/.htaccess file.

dot.htaccess may be exists. rename and edit.

$ cd /var/www/starbug1/
$ cp dot.htaccess .htaccess 
# Error Page
ErrorDocument 500 /starbug1/error.html
# admit to execute cgi
AddHandler cgi-script cgi
Options +ExecCGI
# default page name
DirectoryIndex index.cgi
# general users settings
<Files index.cgi>
    AuthName      "authentication for guest user."
    AuthType      Basic
    AuthUserFile  /etc/starbug1/.guest-passwd
    Require       valid-user
# admin users settings
<Files admin.cgi>
    AuthName      "authentication for administrator user."
    AuthType      Basic
    AuthUserFile  /etc/starbug1/.admin-passwd
    Require       valid-user
# hide files
<FilesMatch ".*">
  deny from all
# able to view files
<FilesMatch "(^$|\.cgi$|\.jpg$|\.png$|\.gif$|\.css$|\.js$)">
  allow from all

Set URL of error page.

according to apache settings, It occurred Internal Server Error. If got error, try it comment out.

Open (change '' to your server name)

If you could see top page, installation has completed.