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Starbug1, Fast BTS.

What is Starbug1?

Starbug1 is BTS(Bug Tracking System wikipedia:Bug tracking system). Starbug1 is faster than recently BTS. You can use as ITS(Issue Tracking System). Starbug1 runs Web server on Windows, Linux OS, FreeBSD, MacOSX as CGI. If you want to use on Windows, you can download windows binary version.

Starbug1 for who?

I recommend adopting Starbug1 to people that like below.

Small development teams in System Integrator.

You can use Starbug1 as Bug Tracking and Request Management for general small development teams.

Projects do not have time to prepare for the new BTS server.

If you have some old Web Server, you can run on it. needs less CPU and memory.

Starbug1's features

Starbug1's features are:

Runs faster. Fewer resources (memory, cpu) and lightweight work

Starbug1 is written by C. (CGI Web browser-based application) Depending on Server specs, even old PC that has cleared the goal “One Second Rule”(One Second Rule is a rule that must be redrawn within one second from user action.)

ALL Columns is able to be customized

ALL Columns is able to be customized. Whenever you want to edit columns, add, edit, delete columns. No limit count of columns that you will add. Several points are limited in a basic columns(subject,register,state).

Simple Functions, Simple Operations

every page show discription messages, so you can use Starbug1 without help document. There are English, Chinese and Japanese Versions.

Never depends on JavaScript

You can use Starbug1 by any web browser, also text web browsers(ex. lynx, w3m).

conforms to xhtml

Starbug1 conforms to xhtml. able to customize looks, by edit css function in style management page.

Programing Environments


perl(sending mail sample script)

Mail Sending can be achieved by the hook function. When the ticket is contributed, the perl script to transmit mail is attached.


Starbug1 works as CGI on linux OS, FreeBSD, Windows, MaxOSX's Web Server.





Download from

Mailing List(GoogleGroup)

It is a group for the user of Starbug1(BTS). I want to use it as a place of the intelligence sharing of the question on the installation method and use, the bug reports, demands, and impressions, etc.Release Note is thrown.



Project Management System

Origin of name

Huge Red Dwarf, and the main spaceship that went out in British comedy drama “reddwarf” was small Blue Midget and Starbug. Starbug1 was often used though there were two Starbug. The name was gotten from the Starbug1.